Our Values

At MD HQ, we believe that your EMR should make your job faster and easier at a price you can afford. Our core values – usability, affordability, and good business practices – are why we created MD HQ in the first place and are behind each new development or feature that we build.


We believe that the most important goal of an EMR is that it makes you faster. That means an intuitive layout that minimizes the number of steps you need to go through to get to a particular item, and data collection that's tailored to medical providers rather than data analysts. It means no endless drop-down lists, no proprietary shorthand, no tabs within tabs within tabs, plus optimized page- and data-load times so you're not stuck waiting around. It also means built-in flexibility to suit different practice or user needs with lots of configuration and customization options, and a system that gets smarter the more its used. Its important to us that getting started with MD HQ is simple and straightforward for new users, while more experienced users can gain speed and efficiency with our powerful feature set and shortcuts.


We keep set up charges and subscription costs low because we believe that a high-quality EMR/EHR should be within everyone's reach. MD HQ is not a get rich quick scheme, and we don't have investors breathing down our necks demanding big profits. You can see the difference in our affordable and always 100% transparent pricing.

Good Business Practices

We want you to use MD HQ only if it works for you, not because we tricked you into signing up or locked you into your subscription. So, we provide a free, fully-functional online demo for you to get a firsthand understanding of the system's features and limitations before you subscribe. We keep setup costs low, pretty much at what it costs us to bring you on board, and have no cancellation fees. And we never hold your data hostage. If you want to leave, we'll export your data for free in both human-readable and properly-categorized (CCR) machine-readable formats. No tricks, no gimmicks, just good business practices.