Help : Add Charges


When a charge is selected, values from the practice's charge list are used to populate editable fields in the Add Charge ($) popup. Click for help with editing the master charge list. If the wrong charge was selected by accident, you can return to the AddCharge search bar by clicking on the replace icon  to the left of the charge name.

Screen shot add charge pop up

Base Charge (dollar amount) - the base charge from your charge list. This number is editable.
Notes (notes field) - administrative notes about the charge. These are viewable in the patient's billing history and by hovering the mouse cursor over a charge entry in the Billing block.
Discount (button, drop down) - press the blue "+Discount" button to add a discount. A drop down menu will appear listing all of the discounts you have loaded into your system. Read about adding discounts here.
Associated CPT and Modifiers (number) - the system currently supports only one associated CPT code per charge. However, multiple CPT modifiers are supported, and can be entered into the Modifiers box separated by commas.
Add to Insurance Invoice (checkbox) - check the box to indicate whether the charge is potentially insurance-reimbursable, and therefore should appear on any insurance invoices that are generated for the encounter.
Select the green +Add Charge button to add the charge, or select the +Add and Add Another button to add the charge and bring up a pop-up to add another charge to the account.
Once the charge is added to the patient's account, the account balance is adjusted accordingly. The charge will also appear on any account statements, insurance invoices (if the "Add to Insurance Invoice" box was checked), receipts, etc. covering the relevant period.