Help : Add Supplement to Inventory

To add a supplement to your inventory, you must already have the supplement in your supplements list, and a corresponding charge for the supplement in your charge list. Read more about how to add a supplement and how to add a charge.

Then, to add a supplement to your inventory, go to the Admin drop down menu and select My Inventory. Click the "+Add New Inventory" button and select "Supplement" from the options of inventory types. Using the search bar provided, search your supplement list for the item you would like to add, and select it.

Screen shot adding supplement to inventory paneSupplement Name (auto-fill) - the name of the inventory item. This is the name of the supplement selected from your supplements list.

How Many Bottle/Packages do you have in inventory (integer) - the number of units in stock.

What package form does this come in? (free text box) - type of packaging: bottle, box, etc.

Vendor (free text box) - optional field to track your supplement suppliers.

Vendor Code (if applicable) (free text box) - optional field to track suppliers' product codes for supplements. This can be helpful when ordering additional stock.

*Corresponding Charge (drop down) - select the corresponding charge from the drop-down menu. The charge must already exist on your charge list.

Misc Notes (notes field) - a place for administrative notes. This information is only visible from inside of the Inventory Management process.