Help : Add Vaccination

Start from the patient's vaccination history chart. If the vaccine is given on a schedule, click on the cell at the intersection of the vaccine (HepA, e.g.) and the dose (1st , 2nd , 3rd …). If the vaccine is given as needed, click on the plus symbol in the row next to the vaccine name.

Enter information in the fields provided or leave default values. Note that certain information is required unless the vaccine was administered by another practice.

ADMINISTERED BY* (required): Enter the name of the person who administered the vaccine.The default value is the name of the person who created the vaccination record (if that person is authorized to administer vaccines). If the vaccine was given by another practice, enter the name of the administering doctor, nurse, or practice, if known, and check the box “Not Administered by this Practice.” This will have the effect of making all entries in the +Add Vaccination window optional and clearing certain default values.

VACCINE BRAND NAME and MANUFACTURER (required): The default value for this field is the most recent previous brand name used for the vaccine selected. Another brand name may be selected from the drop down menu.

APPLICATION SITE/METHOD: Choose the application site and method from the Application Site/Method drop-down menu. The default value is based on the recommended application site/method for the vaccine.

Site of application

Method of injection
L = left
A = arm

IM = intramuscular

R = right

T = thigh

SC = subcutaneous

Other application



DOSE: Enter the dose of the vaccine administered. The default dose value is based on the recommended dosage for the vaccine.

DATE OF ADMINISTRATION* (required information): Enter the date when the vaccine was administered. The default value for this field is the date the vaccination record is created.

BATCH/LOT NUMBER and EXPIRATION DATE* (required information): Enter the batch or lot number and expiration date for the vaccine. The default entry is the batch/lot number and expiration date last entered for the same vaccine given at this office. Otherwise the field will be blank.

NEXT DOSING:To indicate the interval between this dose and the next recommended dose, enter a number in the text box and select an interval of time (year, month, day, e.g.) from the drop-down menu. If “never (inoculated forever)” is selected from the drop down menu, the number text box will disappear. But it will reappear if another interval is selected from the drop down menu. This field has a default value based on the recommended dosing schedule for the vaccine selected.

Add any applicable notes in the notes field. They may be viewed later by hovering the cursor over a vaccination entry in the main page's vaccine block or the vaccination history pop out window.

If vaccination record was accessed from the patient's main profile page, you must check the box affirming that you “understand that this vaccination will not be included in a specific encounter note.”