Help : Assign Preferred Facility/Specialist

You may add preferred pharmacies, laboratories, radiology labs, and specialists to a patient's file by clicking inside the corresponding search field and typing, in any order, all or part of the facility or specialist: 

  • name
  • street address
  • city
  • zip code
  • phone number 

The system will search as you type, and a list of entries with matching information will appear in the drop down menu. You can continue to narrow the list by typing more information. Conversely, if you find no results, you might try deleting some information or using fragments (i.e. “Oak” instead of “Oakton” or “2212” instead of “22124”) in order to broaden the search. When you see the entry you wish you add, click once on the entry to add it to the patient's preferred facilities or specialists. 

If a facility or specialist does not yet exist in the system, it can be added in the administrative section under Admin > Manage… (see Manage Facilities and Specialists).