Help : Create Faxable Prescription Form

Create a faxable (or printable) form for a single prescription by right-clicking on the prescription entry in an encounter note or the Medications (Rxs) block and selecting "Create Faxable Form." Create a faxable/printable form for all of the prescriptions in a particular encounter note by hovering the mouse cursor over the Plan (Rx/Orders/Vaccines) box in the encounter note and selecting "Fax Rxs" from the menu that appears. Or, create a faxable/printable form for multiple prescriptions (whether or not they appear in a single encounter note) by checking the box to the left of each one in a patient's Medications (Rxs) block or Rx History pop-out, clicking on the "Manage Checked Rxs" drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the block (or pop-out) and selecting "Create Faxable Form."

Every part of the form (except for the page header) can be edited by clicking on the text, opening it in a simple text editor. To send the form as a fax, select a pharmacy from the drop down menu above the form, or select A pharmacy can be selected or a fax number manually entered using the dropdown menu above the page. The system can only send faxes within the U.S. and the country code (+1) should not be used. Print or send the fax using the "Print Form" and "Send as Fax" buttons at the top of the screen. Once a fax is sent, a printable copy remains open, stamped with the word "Faxed" shown in red.

See also Fax/Print Forms.