Help : How do print or fax an entire patient chart?

If you would like to export a patient's full chart as a printed document or fax you can easy do in a single step. Just open the patient chart and under Reports (in the menu) select "Printable Patient Chart". The resulting document will include all their SOAP notes, administrative notes, PMH items, vital readings, and other chart information. If you want to exclude or modify any information, the document contains links for removing items and sections, and you also have the ability to edit any of the text by just clicking the spot you want to edit and making edits in the WYSISYG editor that pops up. Just use the buttons at the top of the page to either send the document as a fax and/or print it to give to the patient.

The only major information that is not included in this report are files (e.g. PDFs, Questionnaies, Handounts, etc) that have been uploaded to the patient's chart. To fax these files as well just follow these instructions on faxing patient documents.