Help : How do I Merge Duplicate Patient Accounts?

Because of the complications and potential problems involved with merging accounts, MD HQ is happy to merge them for you. But first, a few quick steps are needed from you.

First, choose the duplicate with less information in it and set that account status to INACTIVE and disable Patient Portal access. To set as INACTIVE, click on the pencil icon in the Patient Information block (below the patient's photo) to open the Patient Information pop-out. Use the drop-down menu in the bottom right-hand corner of the Basic Data tab to change the status of the account to INACTIVE.

Figure 2

To disable Patient Portal access, click to the "Patient Portal" tab on the far right of the Patient Information pop-out. In the Patient Portal tab, select "No Access to Portal."

Figure 4

Figure 5Finally, locate the patient’s ID number (NOT the name, for security reasons) for both duplicate accounts. This number is found in the Photo Block just below the patient’s name. Email these patient ID numbers to with a request that we merge these accounts.

If there are more than two duplicates to be merged, set all but one to be INACTIVE, with no Patient Portal access, as described above, and email all ID numbers for the duplicate accounts to with your request. We will take care of the rest!