Help : Invoices and Payment

Patient Portal Billing and Invoices Page

Use the billing and invoices page to view your current balance, make a payment, review your statement (history of charges and payments), and download insurance invoices that have been made available by your provider.


Your current account balance is highlighted at the top of the page. A negative balance indicates that you owe money, while a positive balance indicates credit in your account.

Click "Make a Payment" to pay off your balance or add credit to your account using a credit card. Designate how much to pay, add billing information, and click submit payment. Note that the payment will be submitted immediately, and will not be placed in a queue for provider review, meaning that you will need to contact your provider to cancel a submitted payment.

Click "View Statement" to view or print your billing history.

Click "Print Invoices" to print invoices that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Invoices are not generated automatically, so if you do not see the invoice you are looking for, contact your provider about creating an invoice and sharing it with you via the Patient Portal.