Help : Lab Integrations

MD HQ integrates with several labs to enable easier ordering and importing of lab results. Labs integrate with us on one of two tiers: results only or two way. We are working to expand our offerings in this area, so check back to find additional integrations as they arrive.

Two Way Integration (Bi-Directional)

Two way integration allows you to order labs directly from an open SOAP note as well as import lab results directly into the Imported Lab Results block on the schedule page. The following labs have a two-way integration with MD HQ:

  • Quest
  • Direct Labs
  • BioReference
  • True Health Diagnostics
  • Boston Heart
  • Innova/Sunrise
  • Singulex
  • Empire Labs
Results Only Integration

Results only integration allows you to receive lab results directly into the Imported Lab Results block on the schedule page. They do not support electronic ordering, so you will continue to order labs as normal (e.g. faxing order forms). The imported results bypass the need to import each lab result as it arrives. The following labs have a results-only integration with MD HQ:
  • Doctor's Data
  • Cleveland HeartLab
  • CPL (two way integration in progress, estimated start 2017)
  • Genova
  • LabCorp* (two way integration in progress, 2017)
  • AccuReference
  • Path Labs
  • NorDx
  • Clearview (*we also have a demographic sync for aiding ordering)
Other Partners
MD HQ is working to set up partnerships with the following labs, though no integration exists at present time:
  • Dutch
  • VCS
  • Spectracell
  • Alletess
How to Set Up an Integration:
Every lab is a little different. For some labs, like Quest or Doctors Data, we're able to request an interface on your behalf if you provide us your lab account numbers. Others require that you contact your lab representative to request the integration. Contact us at and we can guide you through the process.
Also keep in mind that labs take different amounts of time to add accounts to our interface - some labs will integrate within a day or two, while others can take weeks or even months for their IT teams to activate an account. Generally labs will respond more quickly if you have large ordering volumes with them, but it's often hard to predict. We can provide a best-estimate on timing if you are curious about a specific lab based on our historical experience.