Help : Labs and Documents

Patient Portal Labs and Documents PageYou can upload documents for your provider to see or view labs and documents that your provider has shared with you on the labs and documents page.

Recent documents are shown by default, but you can toggle to other documents (categorized by type) using the menu provided. Note that the menu only shows categories if there are one or more documents in that category that your provider has opted to share with you via the Patient Portal.

Documents that the provider has flagged as "key documents" in your file are highlighted in red in the Labs and Documents page. Click on a document to view it. Depending on the type of file, it will open in your browser (HTML, PDF, JPG, e.g.) or download to your computer (Microsoft Word, e.g.).

To upload a document from your computer's hard drive for your provider to review, click on the Upload Document button. Enter a title and click Choose File to select the document to upload. Enter notes, if desired, and click "Save Document". Your document will appear as a document pending provider review at the top of the page until it is reviewed and accepted by a doctor.

NOTE: there is a known bug when using Firefox to upload documents, where the browser misidentifies the file type to our system and generates an error message even when you are trying to upload a document of an accepted file type. To get around this problem, use a different browser (such as Chrome) to upload your document.