Help : Manage Sales Tax in MD HQ

MD HQ supports sales tax for taxable transactions. If you are in a state or city that levies sales taxes on some of your transactions, simply go to Admin > Manage > Charge list and add/edit any taxable charge. When the Add/Edit Charge window comes up, make sure to check the "Is Taxable" option and then set the sales tax rate (the combined rate if there are multiple jurisdictions levying tax):

Manging a charge with sales tax

Once that's done, the next time to add the charge to a patient's account you'll notice that an additional field will appear with the applied sales-tax rate:

Applying sale tax at checkout

If the transaction is exempt from sales tax (perhaps it's an out-of-state sale) just zero out the applied rate (enter "0" in the Tax Rate field) and no sales tax will be applied). Otherwise, when the charge is added you'll see a second line-item appear called "Sales Tax" which represents the amount that the patient owes in sales tax. Note: If you later remove the original charge, it will automatically remove the associated sales tax charge as well.

When it comes time to report your sales tax receipts, MD HQ provides a simple report that aggregates all taxes collected and waived during the designated period. To run the report just go to Billing, and then toggle the Reports tab and click on the "Sales Tax Report" option:

Sales Tax Report