Help : Manage Tags

Tags allow you to group, search, and view patients based on custom criteria that are not necessarily otherwise captured in the EMR. So, for example, you might use tags to:

  • Indicate which patients have opted in to different mailing lists that you offer;
  • Categorize patients by what type of services they receive from you;
  • Indicate which provider in a multi-provider practice is the patient's primary provider
  • Group patients into marketing categories so that you can issue targeted marketing materials;
  • Limit which patients can see different questionnaires on their patient portal pages (with some help from us at MD HQ - you would tag the patients and we would set up the filter).

In general, you wouldn't use tags to group patients according to criteria that are already captured in the EMR, like age, medication, diagnosis, etc., but would instead use the Advanced Patient Search or contact us to create a custom report (e.g., if it is complex and something that you will re-run regularly or something that is not captured in the Advanced Patient Search).

View and manage a patient's tags from the patient's dashboard page

Open the Tags pop out window by clicking on the tag icon in the upper righthand corner of the Patient Information block or by clicking on Manage Tags in the upper righthand corner of the Patient Information pop out. Check the box beside an existing tag to assign in to that patient, add notes if desired, then click "Save and Close."

Create a new tag to assign by clicking "+ Add New Tag" at the bottom of the pop out. Give your new tag a name, a type/category (either an existing category or create a new one), and add notes if desired.

You can also view a list of all patients with a specific tag using the "View all patients tagged as..." drop down menu in the Tags pop out. Choose from your existing tags and the patients with that tag will be listed in a new tab.

View and manage tags globally

Click on Admin --> Manage --> Tags to open the tag manager. Click on "+Add New Tag" to create a new tag, click on an existing tag to edit it, or click on Report to the right of any existing tag to generate a report of all patients having that specific tag.