Help : Creating and Managing Alternate Plan Items

In addition to the standard plan options, like prescriptions (Rxs), orders, and vaccines, you can also have custom Alternate Plan Options. For example, you can create a list of supplements or lifestyle prescriptions (lifestyle Rxs), or even in-office inventory items like books or supplies.

Your Alternate Plan items are defined in the Alternate Plan Options manager. The manager can be accessed in the Admin drop down menu, under Manage, under Alternate Plan Options.

To create a new item, click the green “+Add New Plan Option” button at the top of the pane.Screen shot of add alternate plan option pane

Alternate Plan Name (free text field) – this is the name of the item you are adding, for example, 'eat more vegetables'.

Action Type (drop down menu) – this is the classification of the action item you're adding. This can be a supplement, a lifestyle prescription, or another category you have created. If you have not yet created the category for your desired action type, choose ALL TYPES from the drop down menu, and type in the name of the category you are creating. This will be saved for future use, appearing in the drop down menu when you add a new plan option in the future.

Code/ID# (free text field) – the formal product code, if applicable. This is a place for tracking standard codes used to refer to the item. For example, for supplements this could be the NIH supplement ID.

Plan “Class” (drop down menu) – this is a place to differentiate between items in the same category of action types. For example, when adding supplements, you can create a class for supplements that require refrigeration. Then you would contact MD HQ to have different classes appear differently within the EMR. Established classes will appear in the drop down menu. To create a new class, select [New Class] from the menu and type in the name of the new class. This will be saved for future use.

Nicknames (free text box) – other names for the action item. These nicknames will be searchable within MD HQ in addition to the formal name of the action item. Add nicknames in the box, separated by commas.

Description (notes field) – description of the action item. This description will appear in the EMR when the action item is hovered over, as well as automatically appear in the instructions/notes field to go to the patient when the action item is prescribed (instructions/notes can be editing while prescribing).

When finished, click the “Add New Alternate Plan Option” button at the bottom of the page. For supplements, a pop-up box will appear, giving you the option to set up a default dosing profile (default brand, frequency, method, etc.) for the supplement, or not by clicking cancel. Note: you can always set (or edit) the default profile for an action item later, by prescribing the supplement to a patient, entering the desired information, and checking the box to “Save settings as the system default profile”.


Setting up the default action item dosing profile:

Enter any preferred default prescribing information in the fields provided, or leave blank to fill out on a case-by-case basis at the time of prescription.

Screen shot of default dosing profileAdministrative Record (checkbox) – leave unchecked. Designates that the action item was not prescribed by the practice, but added as an administrative record of what the patient is doing or has done in the past. Should be unchecked in default profile.

Brand (free text field) – preferred brand name of action item (if applicable).

Strength (free text field) – preferred dose strength (if applicable).

Method (free text field) – action item delivery method.

Freq (drop down menu) – how often the patient should follow the action item. Select from the options in the drop down menu. If the desired option is not in the drop down menu, select “PRN (as needed)” and enter special instructions in the Instructions to Patient field.

Total Doses (integer) – total number of doses (if applicable).

Expires (Days) (integer) – the number of days after the start that the action item expires. This is calculated from the frequency and total doses by clicking on the calculator button. If either input is changed, it will not immediately recalculate – click the calculator button again to recalculate.

Instructions to Patient (notes field) – instructions for the patient. Enter if needed or leave blank.

When finished, save by pressing the button “Create Default Profile for ….