Help : Patient Portal Access

Manage the patient's access to the public-facing Patient Portal under the Patient Portal tab. For patient confidentiality and compliance with privacy laws, you must take precautions to ensure that no one (including parents, adult children, spouses, etc.) gains unauthorized access to a patient's data on the Patient Portal. For various reasons, an email address on file for a patient may not be one that he or she has exclusive access to, or any access to. It could be a shared account or belong to a spouse or adult child of the patient.

For this reason, Patient Portal access should only be granted only after confirming that:

  1. The Patient Portal account and password were set up by the patient or an authorized third party, and
  2. Only the patient and any authorized third parties have access to the primary email account connected to the account.

Strong operational security should be provided on an ongoing basis, particularly when a change of email address is requested.

If needed, reset a patient's Patient Portal password by checking the box provided and then clicking "+ Edit Patient". A new temporary password will be sent to the patient's primary email address.