Help : Photos

Patient Profile Picture

Double click on the patient's profile image or click on the pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner of the image to open the photo manager, where you can add and manage the patient's personal or medical photos.

Help: Upload Photo

Click on the pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner of the patient's profile image or double click on the profile image itself to open the photo manager.

Select + Upload Personal Photo under the Personal Photos tab or + Upload Medical Photo under the Medical Photos tab. Personal photos can be used as the patient's profile picture, while medical photos can be assigned to an encounter note.

In the + Add New window, select Browse (or Choose File in Chrome) to browse the local hard drive for photos. Highlight the file name or icon and select Open. Select + Add This Image.

Once the photo is uploaded to the server, use the cropping tool that appears to create a square thumbnail of the image. You can drag the dotted square over the desired portion of the photo or resize the square by clicking and dragging at a side or corner. You may only crop and save a square image thumbnail, though the original will also be saved and remain accessible.

When satisfied, select Save Cropped Square. The cropped area will be automatically resized to fit a 200 by 200 pixel area and a thumbnail of the photo will appear among the patient's photos. Any newly uploaded personal photo will automatically become the patient's profile picture.

Help: Manage Photos

Once a photo is uploaded and cropped, a thumbnail will appear under the Personal Photos tab or the Medical Photos tab in the photo manager. Right-clicking on any thumbnail will display a menu of possible actions for that photo.

Set a Personal Photo as a Profile Picture

Any personal photo may be used as the patient's profile picture – simply click on a thumbnail or right-click and select Set as Profile Picture from the menu that appears.

Assign a Medical Photo to an Encounter Note

A previously-uploaded medical photo may be assigned to an encounter note using the open encounter note's Attach Document or Image function. Click Select Existing Pt Image to choose which photo to attach. You may also upload a new image to attach to the encounter note. Once uploaded, the image will appear among the patient's medical photos.

View Full Size

Any uploaded photo may be viewed at its original size. For medical photos, simply click on the thumbnail; for either medical or personal photos, right-click on the thumbnail and select View Full Size from the menu that appears. The enlarged photo will appear in a new tab or window, depending upon your browser settings.

Delete Uploaded Photo

Thumbnails may be deleted from the photo manager by right-clicking on the thumbnail of the photo to be deleted and selecting Delete from the menu that appears. Deleting a thumbnail:

  • Causes the thumbnail to disappear,
  • Disassociates a deleted medical photo from any encounter note to which it has been assigned, and
  • Makes a deleted personal photo unavailable for use as a profile picture. If the current profile picture is deleted and there are other personal photos available, the profile picture will default to the most recently uploaded personal photo. If there are not other personal photos for that patient, the profile will display a white box with a generic profile image.