Help : Preferred Facilities and Specialists

View, add and manage a patient's list of preferred pharmacies, laboratories, radiological facilities, and specialists via the Facilities/Specialists block on the patient dashboard.

Help: Assign Preferred Facility/Specialist

You may add preferred pharmacies, laboratories, radiology labs, and specialists to a patient's file by clicking inside the corresponding search field and typing, in any order, all or part of the facility or specialist: 

  • name
  • street address
  • city
  • zip code
  • phone number 

The system will search as you type, and a list of entries with matching information will appear in the drop down menu. You can continue to narrow the list by typing more information. Conversely, if you find no results, you might try deleting some information or using fragments (i.e. “Oak” instead of “Oakton” or “2212” instead of “22124”) in order to broaden the search. When you see the entry you wish you add, click once on the entry to add it to the patient's preferred facilities or specialists. 

If a facility or specialist does not yet exist in the system, it can be added in the administrative section under Admin > Manage… (see Manage Facilities and Specialists).

Help: Edit Pt's Preferred Facilities and Specialists

You may reorder preferred facilities or specialists using the up and down arrows beside the appropriate entry or entries.

To remove a preferred facility or specialist from the patient's records, use the [x] beside the entry for the facility or specialist you wish to remove. You will be prompted to confirm the removal before it is effective.

Help: Send a Referral

You can send a referral using the Blank Editable Form Template.

  1. Make sure that the specialist is in your specialist database (found under Admin > Manage > Specialists/Other Listings). If the specialist is not there, add an entry (this only needs to be done once)
  2. Assign the specialist as a preferred specialist for the specific patient (optional but recommended).
  3. From the patient's dashboard or an encounter note, click on Reports and then on Blank Editable Form Template.
  4. In the window that appears, select which print/fax template you want to use (if applicable) and who you want to receive the fax (this is where step 2 makes things easier, though you can also type in a fax number manually).
  5. Click on the blank area of the template form to write your notes to the specialist. When you are done, you can send it as a fax, print it out, and/or save a copy to the patient's chart.

Pro tip: use pre-written Chart Parts to populate a referral letter:

  • Create one or more Chart Part(s) with the template referral text you would like to use.
  • Add the desired text to an encounter note by typing in the main text block to search for the desired Chart Part and selecting from the matches that appear to the left. Your template referral text will be added to the note.
  • Highlight the text and select "...Create Fax with Selected" from the menu that appears.

This will open a Blank Editable Form Template pre-populated with the highlighted text that you can send to the specialist.

Help: Manage Facilities and Specialists Database

Simplify prescriptions, orders, and referrals by keeping your databases populated with up to date info for your preferred pharmacies, facilities and specialists.

View and edit the desired database by clicking on Manage in the Admin drop down menu and then on "Pharmacy Listings," "Laboratory Listings," "Radiology Lab Listings," or "Specialists/Other Listings, as applicable. To search within existing entries in the database, type search terms (including all or part of the facility name, specialty (Specialists database only), city, zip, phone, fax) in the narrow by/search bar at the top, using spaces to separate multiple search terms.

You may sort the list by any column (alphabetically or in reverse-alphabetical order) by clicking on the column header.

Edit any listing by clicking on the name, editing the entry as desired, then clicking "Edit..."

Add a listing by clicking "Add New ..." filling out the applicable information in the pop up that appears, then clicking the "+ Add New..." button at the bottom. Fax numbers are particularly important for streamlining e-faxing of prescriptions, orders, referrals, etc. When faxing from a patient's chart, you will have the option to select from a drop down menu of the patient's preferred facilities and specialists or to type in a fax number.

Note: where available, nicknames and keywords are extra attributes (in addition to name, etc.) that you will be able to use to search for that listing in the future in the manage facility pop up, from an open encounter note, or when editing a patient's preferred facilities and specialists lists.