Help : Request Appointment

Request Appointment PageRequest an appointment online by clicking on an available date Date available! in the calendar. If a date is marked as unavailable for online scheduling Not available for online scheduling, appointments may be available but you will need to call your provider to check. Generally, online appointment requests can only be made for a set period in the future (for example, a couple of weeks), though setting the available date range and other limitations for online scheduling is up to your provider. Dates in the past, or too far in the future for online scheduling, are shown in gray.

When you request an appointment, a small window pops up for you to type in details, for example the specific time(s) that work best for you or which provider you'd like too see, and then you click "Request Appointment" to finalize. Your pending request will appear above the calendar, where you can view details or remove it and cancel your request. Note that the appointment is not final until your provider confirms with you by phone or email.