Help : Using Chart Parts

A Chart Part is accessed by typing all or part of its name or nickname in the main text field of an open encounter note (or another free text field that supports this feature, such as email notifications and reminders in the Calendar). Matches will appear to the left as you type. Click on one to select it. To select an entry from the list without using the mouse, press the up arrow to select and add the topmost entry or toggle to the list by pressing the left, right, or down arrows on the keyboard. Within the list, the down or right arrows move down the list, and the up or left arrows move up. Press enter to select.

Once selected, any text from the Chart Part template will be added to the main text block (or to the applicable free text field). In an encounter note, actions will be added as "Suggested Actions" above the yellow Assessment block on the right. Click on a suggested action to add it to the note. Click on the x to the right of any suggestion to remove it.