Help : Viewing Calendars and Scheduling

Viewing Calendars and Schedules

To view your calendar, click on the Scheduling menu in the top bar and choose Go To Scheduling. The main calendar pane will take up the main part of the page, flanked on the left by two additional calendar blocks: a monthly calendar and your calendar options.

Calendar Options

Screen shot calendar optionsThe Calendar Options block lets you customize your calendar pane view by  time interval and by user. It also lets you save a default view.

The Day, Week, and Month tabs on the right side of the Calendar Options block allow you to change your calendar view between the three options with a click. The drop down menu in the top right of the Calendar Options block allows you to change the time interval displayed on the calendar. The interval options range from 10 to 60 minute increments.

The calendar pane will allow you to see your own calendar as well as those for other users in your practice. To add or subtract a user's calendar to view, check or uncheck the desired name in the main body of the Calendar Options block.

Save your desired default view (whose schedule and what time interval of the day you would like to see when you log in) by selecting desired options and then clicking the save icon on the top right of the Calendar Options block.

Navigating through Time

To access the schedule in the future or past, use the monthly calendar block at the top left of the screen to navigate to your preferred date. The double arrows on each side of the month name will move you backwards or forwards in time. In addition, the year dates at the bottom of the pane will jump you to the year you select. Clicking the “Today” button will bring you back to the current month and day.

Once you have selected the time period you would like to review, click the desired date within the monthly calendar to view it in the main calendar pane.